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If your interested in a Test shoot, please contact us. We also offer affordable photography packages. Composite cards, Zed cards and Head Shots,website developed & created as well. We can even direct and shoot your audition Reel.

If you would like your pictures evaluated and critiqued,we can assist you there as well. We can make any suggestions if need be. Your book is very vital in this business. We can even send you a sample of how to do your talent resume. We can also assist by directing your shoot & providing professional make-up artistry & stylist services. Helping you to achieve is what we are here for. Theres nothing worse than spending money on photographs that the agents can not use to promote you. All because you was in rush to take the pictures before learning all about the process.

**Please be wise and stay away from search scams, and make sure when you do take your photographs that you make sure your photographer is experienced in the modeling and acting industry. Choose the right photographer and stylist for you. Don't rush into taking your pictures until you know what is needed and wanted in this industry. I can guide you, but you have to be willing to learn. Schedule your consult now.

-Ria M.

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