Who is Ria Mali

Ria is a Native New Yorker from Bushwick, New York.  Ria has 4 children and married since 1989.

She has been in the Talent & MakeUp Business since 1989

Ria started out in the business as a dancer. She was chosen from thousands to tour concerts. She has worked with several R & B Artist. Ria started to choreograph for numerous groups and dancers. She has her fitness and nutrition certification since 1991 to present and enjoyed teaching hip hop aerobics, Zumba at gyms, privately and dance schools.

Ria Specializes & has experience in the following....

Makeup Artistry, Photography, Casting, Pageants, Modeling & Acting coach, Talent Consultations, Producing, Directing, Dancing, Scouting, Talent Shows, Model Searches, Representation, Model and Acting Camps and Workshops, Seminars, Play writing, Fashion/Wardrobe and Image/beauty Consulting, Cosmetic & Skin care line, Coaching/Instructor, Stylist, Choreography, Fashion Shows, Personal Buyer, Referral & Management and is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach and keynote speaker.

Ria became a receptionist for a reputable modeling school in the early 90's and became a print bridal gown model for the Poconos Resort Shoots & has done movie extra work. Ria has worked at Baltimore MD, Columbia MaryLand, California, Connecticut, New York, Virginia...among others.She also managed a modeling school and agency in New York and Photography studio in Virginia.

Ria loved the behind the scenes of the business and studied makeup artistry and became a makeup artist for many photographers, spa's & companies in the early 90's. She offers make up artist training to those interested as well. Ria writes beauty articles for several newsletters , online magazines and websites. She has taken part as a director and trainer for a very prestigious model and talent convention in N.Y. and Cali. She has choreographed and directed many fashion shows ,dance routines and conducts the best modeling and talent seminars and workshops you will ever take part of. Everyone leaves the seminars motivated and with great leads and guidance. In fact that is Ria's promise and she has lived up to that.

Ria not only has a love for the business but for the community as well. She has served as a volunteer to police depts in Florida, is an advocate for the alzheimers association, partners for education sponsor, teach in motivational speaker, conducted life skills classes for not profit organizations and schools and coordinates numerous fundraising functions and drives for a variety of charities for many years. Ria is very well rounded and rooted in professions that she loves & enjoys. 

One of her poems was published inside a poem book in 2007 titled, 'I Will Succeed'. A poem she saved from 1985 which she wrote at 15 years old. She has proven to have succeeded.

You will truly enjoy working with Ria. Enjoy your journey with someone who will help you bring out what has always been in you!



Ria takes Wellness, skin/beauty care, fitness & nutrition very seriously and has learned how nutrition along with exercise can reverse some of the very most difficult health & skin conditions. 

Allow Ria to guide you into Wellness. Her wellness seminar events that she hosts and speaks at is called “Wellness Matters” and she has a passion to educate all into or back into Wellness.

Her experience & heart speaks volumes!